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Entrepreneur and Investor Services

Great to hear you are looking to establish a business in New Zealand and apply under the Entrepreneur Work Policy a strong pathway to gaining residence!

YIS partnerships with Business Consulting Company that is considered leaders in Immigration business plans and your associated independent market research needs (an expectation of Immigration New Zealand). Former Immigration New Zealand Business Migration Branch officer and his team have an exceptional understanding of the New Zealand business environment and a comprehensive understanding of business immigration policies.

His team incorporates Immigration policy requirements into your business plan to ensure all the key areas of policy are met and are suitably explained to an Immigration Officer level to assist with their comprehensive decision making.

Their expectation is that although you may have expertise in your proposed product or service related business you will obtain independent market research of the New Zealand market and have a business plan that covers all facets of the policy and the business strategy. His company alongside Race Marketing writes Business Plans for a significant number of the more experienced Immigration Agencies and Lawyers who specialize in Business Immigration such as YIS.

Until 2013 he Managed the very team your application will be assessed within, and was one of the writers of this new policy (The Entrepreneur Work Visa Policy) until he left the Business Migration Branch of Immigration New Zealand to start his business consultancy aimed at further assisting Business Migrants to gain approvals.

To date his company has a 100% success rate when working with his pre-approved Immigration Agents like us. No other service provider can claim to have such a high Business Plan and Market Research Report acceptance percentage. We would love an opportunity to assist you in your Immigration desire to move to New Zealand and establish your business!

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