Feedback is a valuable element in understanding our clients’ views of their experience. YIS empowers all the staff to handle our service problems and is as well burdened with responsibility for client’s feedback and complaints. Whether you are pleased with our performance or we have not met your expectations, we highly value your comments.

All the staff at YIS is expected to listen courteously to client’s concerns and problems with the service, and do what they can to correct deficiencies.

YIS aims to ensure that:

What is a complaint?

A complaint is when the client informs YIS that they are not happy about the service we provide. It can be about anything and could include

How to make a complaint?

If our clients are not happy with our service then are all welcomed to launch their complain:

Response times:

Service Improvement:

Making a Complaint:

We have a particular process of launching a complaint. To make a complaint, the client must start at Level 1 and stop at Level 3:

Level 1: Attempt a resolution with the person directly concerned

Level 2: Review by the Director of YIS

Level 3: Lodge the complaint to IAA Register.

Level 1: Attempt a resolution with the person directly concerned

In this process we expect a client to try to resolve a complaint directly, informally and quickly with the person concerned. The client is expected to explain clearly what the problem is and what outcome they are seeking, and the member of staff is expected to listen to the complaint and to use their best endeavors to try to resolve it in a straightforward and reasonable manner.

We hope to resolve most problems in this manner.

Level 2: Review by the Director of YIS

In case level 1 does not provide a satisfactory outcome, the client can ask the director of YIS formally with the complaint.

The client should write to the Director of YIS, using YIS Complaint Form to set out what their complaint is, what the supporting evidence is, why informal resolution was unsuccessful, and what outcome they want. We will only deal with complaints presented on YIS Complaint Form and where all of these points are covered. The Director of YIS will acknowledge receipt of Complaint Form and review the complaint. The Director is required to observe the following:

Clarification of Nature of Complaint:

Investigation of Complaint

Level 3: Lodge the complaint to IAA Register.

If not satisfied with any of our resolution then our customers are requested to launch their complains at Immigration Adviser’s Authority (IAA) as the formal complaint.

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